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The Different Lead Abatement Processes

Lead abatement is a process that involves removing any elements that are lead-based from homes, businesses, resources, and other products throughout the world. The reason as to why lead abatement will need to occur is to reduce the amount of exposure to lead that people will experience from using lead-based products. There are three main processes that can be used to complete lead abatement: enclosure, removal/replacement, or encapsulation. Below we will expand on the steps associated with each process.

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Lead Brings Danger in Your Family and Home

Lead belongs to the carbon group of heavy metals. It is a chemical element with Pb symbol. It is a malleable metal with blue-gray color. Usually this heavy metal is used in construction building, bullets, batteries, fusible alloys, weights, cable covering, solder, collapsible tubes, and radiation shields. This metal is widely used as a combined ingredient to other metal in order to create an alloy or another chemical compound. Also, it is used in making plastics as stabilizer.

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